if you want to know a bit more about the company and see what it means and how we earn by working with them click here to go to my company page 

you can use any "business card printer" but I prefer Vista print cause they've always done a wonderful job for me. 

if you want to try out vista print - here is a link to their page 

There are plenty of other methods I use , online, fb, emails, other websites and softwares, mailers - if you join my team and want to know more about the other methods, simply just shoot me an email and we'll go from there. 

so excited to work with you - and earn with you :) God Bless

Aileen Strong Griffin 

If you were coming here to get info on another company I work with click on the video opps page at the footer of this page. GDI is my lead company because it is so easy for newby's and amazing for skilled marketers. 

USE COLORFUL OR UNIQUE ENVELOPS this gives you a bigger chance of your envelop being opened

here are a few options from amazon colorful 200ct  kawaii design 32ct craft envelops 


WRITE OUT YOUR ADDRESSES AND RETURN ADDRESSES BY HAND you can print them out on sticky labels and it's super easy but it's also super non-personal 


INCLUDE A PERSONAL TOUCH- add a little handwritten note - show that you took the time to write something to them and not just print something and shove it in an envelop


GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO - I include a personal 'hello' business card - with my phone number , email and website - I want them to see that I'm a real person. 


there is a saying - treat it like a hobby and it'll pay you like a hobby. treat it like a job and it'll pay you like a job - 

doing all of these little things is my way of treating it like a job. maybe it takes a bit longer but I have a greater chance of the person who receives that envelop will OPEN IT , read it and join me :) and that is the whole point of sending the flyers - to get more people to hear about GDI, this earning opp and getting them on my team :)  


My NUMBER ONE way to build my team OFFLINE for GDI - step by step


I have members on my team who earn by posting ads on fb groups. others who place ads in local newpapers and on jobs sites. 

others use other networking pages (mlmgwy, linked in, wealth) there are SO SO SO MANY WAYS you can earn with GDI. You can even set up presentations in your local area to explain the company and earning and sign up those who are interested in earning.